Thursday, 5 August 2010


(N/B this true story won't mean anything to those under the age of 25)
Walking round the corner toward my house I heard a strangely familiar voice shout "Eh Tommy, I can't get this piggin' thing out of the car on me own can I?"
I'd come home to get a couple of spare cables from my house for the show we had on that night (Lapsus Linguae and Kids Near Water), and in my drive, no word of a lie were 70's comedy duo CANON AND BALL unloading some boxes!
I gave Bobby Ball a chin up nod and went into my house where Clare was watching TV.
"You'll never guess who Ally (our dog) just attacked outside on the road." She said.
"Yeah I saw them - Canon and Ball."
"No - it was Little and Large." She replied.
"No its definitely Canon and Ball." I contested.
"But I saw Lttle". She said
I grabbed the cables and went back to the club : outside, Syd Little was standing by the car, late afternoon sun glinting off his thick glasses.
Dunno where Large was.

For people who were born in the 90s here's Little and Large with Adam Ant on their show.

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  1. Stills from that show were used for the rear Sleeve of the friend or For album cover.