Friday, 6 August 2010


KING LUDD on Fore Street was a great bookshop. For a couple of years it was THE place to go for rarities and books by Burroughs, Kerouac all that sort of stuff. It was killed off when Oxfam opened it's South Street bookstore - how could you cope with a shop that survived on donations when you had to buy all your stock in. Day in, day out John must have heard the 'I get all my stuff from Amazon' mantra from people sitting there bugging him on that chair by the counter with a free cup of tea!
One day we went in there to make a little film with writer Stewart Home (author of Cranked Up really High, Suspect Device and 1001 Things To Do With A Dead Princess).

I've got some videos somewhere of Stewart doing a mad spoken word performance at the Cavern. He'd been invited down by artist Fiona Symes to do a reading at the Art College. The photo at the top was taken at The Cube in Bristol where he was showing his 'film' Screams In Favour Of Desade.

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