Sunday, 11 July 2010


Big Brother is ending after ten years (it seems much longer) and I thought I'd mention a few Cavern-BB connections! First off there's Donny Tourette (pictured above playing at the Cavern with his band Towers Of London). In Celebrity Big Brother 5, Donny jumped the wall on Day 3, with the help of H from Steps - saying "I'm not fucking waiting hand on foot on some fucking moron and her family", referring of course to Jade Goody. This was just before she caused an international incident by calling Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty a 'poppadom', and even had Gordon Brown commenting on it in Parliament.
Then there was singer Preston (pictured here at a Cavern show with his band The Ordinary Boys.) Preston was in the best ever series of CBB - Series 4 - the one with Barrymore, George Galloway, Jodie Marsh and Pete Burns. He married CBB4 co-star Chantelle - then got divorced a year later.

Also starring in CBB4 was the loveable Maggot, from Welsh rap band Goldie Lookin Chain, who have played at the Cavern a number of times. Their funniest Exeter appearance though was at a show we promoted at Exeter University. All went well on the night, but the following day I had an angry call from the University saying GLC had damaged the changing room. "They inflated a bouncy castle used by the mother and toddler group" I was told "and  jumped up and punched out the suspended ceiling."
"How did you know it was them?" I asked, having carefully checked the room before I left.
"Because there were slices of spam stuck to the ceiling tiles with 'Your Mother's Got A Penis' written on them!"
This refers to a GLC single of the same name - but you've got to admit its pretty stupid leaving a bouncy castle in the same backstage room as 6 cases of strong lager, a case of cider, two bottles of white wine, three bottles of red wine and a 1.5 lire bottle of Captain Morgans Dark Rum!

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