Sunday, 4 July 2010


In my mind one of the most important shows The Cavern put on was The Evens at The Royal Albert Memorial Museum in 2004. Ian MacKaye's band FUGAZI played at The Lemongrove in 1991 (one of the first shows Eddy and I put on under the Hometown Atrocities banner) and again ten years later in 2001. In true DIY spirit Ian wanted to play venues that were all ages and alcohol free - and we had a relationship with the museum that went back to the millennium exhibition we did there called YEAR ZERO; so thats how the museum came about as a venue for THE EVENS.
This was one of those shows that really influenced its audience and in the photo you can see members of Brothers, Chaps, OK PILOT, Cold Pumas, The Computers and the Cut Ups - none of which existed prior to this event.
After the show we went to Herbies with Ian and Amy - Fugazi had eaten there 15 years earlier.


  1. One gig I regret not seeing.

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