Monday, 19 July 2010


"I was waiting outside the other night and I heard the Toyah covers act you had on." The guy from Call Cars said, as his meter ticked over. "She sounded quite like her."
"No that WAS Toyah!" I replied, getting into the car.
"What THE Toyah, the taxi driver scoffed. "In the Cavern?"
I think he thought it was the Australian Toyah or something, because the Toyah Willcox he knew was a massive star, the LADY GAGA of the 80's, with a bunch of international hit singles like Be Proud, Be Loud (Be Heard) and Brave new World.
There's no way she'd play in a 200 capacity place like this.
Well he was wrong, because she in fact played two dates at the Cavern: 25/10/93 and 10/11/93.
She brought a bunch of young lads from her home town of Salisbury as a backing band.
Check ot the proto-GaGa at


  1. The backing band was called Friday Forever and she made an album with them on Cassette only at the time called Leap, Friday Forever also did the support.

    I have a cassette of the gig from the 25th

  2. hey matthew, my name is jolyon dixon, i was playing guitar for toyah at those cavern gigs, thats me in the pictures above..i'd love to get a copy of the cassette you have.. do you think you could get it onto a computer and mp3 it? worth an ask! my email is and i'd love to hear from you... thanks! all the best Jolyon

  3. Great album of rock it was perfect

  4. Actually I did some djing at one of her turns at the cavern. I thought it was during the day and it was something for charity. I remember putting this in the mix One Dove: Why Don't You Take Me. which I had just bought and fallen in love with.