Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Digging through the archives I found some photos of an exhibition we put on at The Museum in order to celebrate the Millennium. It was me, Steve Connor, Shaky Kane, Fiona Symes, Clare Burwood and Dave Myers. You can see the logo Connor did for Muse which I think he charged £50 for and now adorns tens of thousands of Tee Shirts!
Dave Myers made an installation called The Rebel Bedroom which was an Emin style recreation of a punk rock kid's room. Funnily it got cordoned off by the firearms squad because someone - and I'm not saying it was Myers - placed a replica handgun underneath the matress and it got reported. This was of course before 9-11 otherwise we'd have all probably ended up in Guantanamo!
I don't think the Museum porters liked us being there very much especially since we had a video playing on loop of various punk and hardcore bands filmed at the Cavern. But it's cool to be reminded of all the great graphics people Like Steve and Shaky did, back in the day.

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