Friday, 23 July 2010


The first show I ever 'promoted' was in 1978/9 - with a mod punk band called THE TOURS, who's 7" single TOURIST INFORMATION is pictured above. I was 14 years old and the show was an end of term party at Aylesbury Grammar School, with support from The Pirhanas. I can't remember the full details but we were raising money to buy a TV for Stoke Mandeville Hospital.
Our Chemistry teacher Robin Pike was one of the main reasons I got into punk rock. He founded the legendary Aylesbury venue FRIARS, and correspondent for a cool punk zine of the time called ZIGZAG. He was a big influence on a bunch of us who eventually got into music: in his class were SEAN FORBES (the lead singer of Wat Tyler, who set up the label Rugger Bugger); GRAEME FLYNN (bass player for garage punk bands BLACK MOSES and PENTHOUSE); and also a guy called ROB STRINGER - who became chairman and CEO of SONY BMG and just paid £250 Million for Jacko's back catalogue.
Robin Pike also taught KRIS NEEDS (singer of the Vice Creams and established punk writer) and TED COCKLE, MD of Island Records.
Here, Rob Stringer cites Mr Pike (pictured far right with me and some other kids) as a major influence in an Independent article from a few years back Rob Stringer: One of the most powerful figures in the music business

FOOTNOTE: BLACK MOSES's former singer Jim Jones is playing at the Cavern in Sept with his awesome band THE JIM JONES REVUE

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  1. An excellent story. The Tours were a great band (as were The Pirhanas). Having a Chem teacher who started Friars Club is so cool! Saw Gary Numan there in 1979! Next you'll tell me he put the records in The Green man jukebox!
    In 1979 I organised my first gig - Sinking Ships + The Cigarettes at my local school.
    Excellent story - thanks for sharing....