Tuesday, 27 July 2010


TESCO METRO are selling the new CLASH OF THE TITANS DVD for £10, but I'm not sure it will be better than the 1981 original... and it definitely will not be better than the 1963 epic JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS, which contains that unforgettable battle between skeletons and argonauts. (After Jason kills the many headed HYDRA and steals the Golden Fleece, evil Aeëtes scatters the Hydra's teeth into the soil and prays to the godddes Hacate, whereby the army of dead warriors arise.) That scene looks cool even by today's standards, and was the work of special effects genius RAY HARRYHAUSEN, who integrated stop motion effects with live action, in a technique he termed 'Dynamation'.
When Annalise were touring Asia in 2000 I met Harryhausen in the coolest ever video store, TRASH VIDEO in Brisbane, where he was doing a Q&A and signing photos. It was a big deal to me because his films had been a major part of my childhood (I opted to be Harryhausen in a school debate about the most significant characters in history - beating Louis Pasteur in the final!)
Today Harryhausen is in his 90's and lives in the UK.

Incidentally, THE HOOSIERS, who played a the cavern a couple of years ago are also fans of Harryhausen. Their hit single 'Worried About Ray' is dedicated to him.


  1. Howdy from Brisbane! I'm the former proprietor of Trash Video (we moved in 2000, closed down in 2010) and currently filmmaker - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/210613803/the-search-for-weng-weng-1

    I was checking the net for photos of Mr Harryhausen's instore appearance and stumbled on your blog. What a blast from the past!

    Cheers, and many thanks for the memories,